Things that only people with anxiety understands

For the millions of people in the world suffering from anxiety and panic disorders, daily life can be more complicated than most people believe. Any event can generate fear, negative thoughts, panic attacks and persistent physical symptoms. In addition, the situation can be complicated if you feel that nobody understands what happens to you. There are certain social stigmas for people with anxiety, but opportunities to overcome it are increasing. Click Here! and you will find things that people with anxiety experience on a daily basis, from impertinent comments to intense fears and also what you can all do to help.
Anxiety Understanding

Calm down

The last thing that can relax a person with anxiety is for someone to tell them to calm down. In fact, it can make the situation worse. According to some research, trying to calm someone in the middle of an anxiety crisis can increase the emotional response that arises at that moment. As a result, when trying not to be afraid, the patient may show a more intense reaction towards what causes them panic.Instead of encouraging someone with anxiety to relax, they can be offered support and understanding.

Panic attacks are never timely

It’s a normal day. You are preparing to leave the house when, suddenly you feel pressure in your chest. Suddenly, a terrible fear absorbs you. And there is nothing you can do to stop it.Some panic attacks appear out of nowhere, without warning, while others are induced by fear of facing a situation that produces anxiety. Regardless of when it happens, it is never pleasant and almost always inconvenient. These disorders greatly weaken the people who suffer from it and because they themselves recognize that what they experience is irrational, but they have learned to react in this way. It is a natural response. And it can be terrible.


When you face anxiety, your fears amplify to an extreme point and do not always fade away. Riding in a plane or entering a room full of strangers can be unbearable, but at that moment nothing can be done to keep those feelings away.However, those who suffer from anxiety disorders experience fear at a higher level. You all can feel anxiety in some way. When you speak in public, you always like to prepare, practice and rehearse previously. Everyone can get used to the idea of ​​what it means to have anxiety. It is as if you experienced those nerves and butterflies in your stomach every day.

Conclusion: try to help

To try to help someone with anxiety to cope with their problem, many people in their environment often avoid the specific stimuli that generate that anxiety. On the one hand you want them to understand you, but this will probably make your family and friends adapt to your guidelines, which can be negative. The loved ones are sensitized with your fears, making sure that their house is free of germs or avoiding feared situations so as not to cause anguish. This does not help, but feeds the fear.