LED Lion Dance

The Genesis of the Lion Dance for You

The dragon dance and lion dance, originally from the Han of China, although the practice was borrowed by many other Chinese ethnic groups. They are usually performed during the lunar New Year festival. Note that dragon and lion dances are held permanently in places where the Chinese New Year lunar calendar is famous, i.e. both in China and abroad. The use of the LED Lion Dance is increasing and you can also be a part of it.

LED Lion Dance

In contrast to the Dragon Dance, the Lion Dance is usually performed with only two dancers, while the Dragon Dance requires a minimum of 10 dancers. Hence the explanation as to the popularity of the lion dance that is likely to be represented in the smallest and most remote villages and in southern China or the majority of Chinese ethnic minorities is concentrated. No acrobat is required since the purpose of the lion dance is not to be subjective but purely symbolic.

During the last fifteen days, on the occasion of the Chinese New Year, you may have met strange stuffed animals moving gracefully and winking, all accompanied by a bitch of all the devils and rather inaudible for our sensitive ears of Caucasians.

As bizarre as it may seem, these animals are lions. Yes. We are far enough away from the Lion King with his flaming mane or the beautiful Aslan of Narnia. But, open your chakras, and listen to the incredible story of the lion dance.


For starters, the lion was totally non-existent in China 2,000 years ago. He was conveyed from the East to the Middle Kingdom by the Silk Road.

Gift of Western Ambassadors for the Emperor

One of the many legends around our hairy tells that the lion was initially a monstrous creature and very fierce named Nien. So every year, at the time of Chinese New Year, he showed up in a village to pulverize all the plantations and to feast on the greasy pork and dairy cows of the community. Never mind, the villagers were quick to organize their defense. Thus, they began to train day and night to become warriors in martial art as in Kung Fu Panda. And then, they also made with their white hands a paper and bamboo replica of the naughty and hairy fan.

On the next day of the next year, they waited for the dirty beast in tight rows. Thanks to their perilous jumps, the scary appearance of the paper lion and the deafening sound of gongs, cymbals and drums, Nien did not ask for his rest and flew away, sheepishly, tail between his legs .

That’s why every year, all over the world in the Chinese community, the disguises come out and we start this dance, sometimes very acrobatic. So evil spirits have no desire to venture into the area and places are blessed for a whole year. To us prosperity and wealth!

No two

2 Specifically, it takes two athletes to form the body of the lion (it’s really very very sporty). One wears his head weighing a dead donkey, while the other uses his legs to mimic the back legs of the lion. The latter must remain curved throughout the service under the cover which takes the place of peeling. Suffice to say that it must be unbreathable below.