The biggest dangers you’ll encounter on a survival tour are thirst and hunger: experience them only with survival tour guidance

If you are already familiar with nature, looking for food will be very difficult especially in autumn. However, sometimes it makes sense to carry some emergency food such as nuts or dried fruit during a survival tour. In addition, a few precautions should be taken especially at night to protect from the cold.In Central Europe, there are about 1,800 wild plants that can be consumed easily. A determination book often helps immensely. It is also advisable to attend a basic course before the survival tour or special survival training as you will get to know many local edible plants, fruits and roots there.


Filter and boil are the best option

The water from the wild can lead to diarrhea or vomiting. That’s why it’s especially important to know where to find clean water and what you can do to make the water drinkable. Clean water is found exclusively as fresh spring water. But even here it is useful to first filter the water to be able to exclude all eventualities.The easiest way to sterilize water is to boil it down. However, neither suspended matter nor chemicals are removed. In order to kill bacteria, multicellular organisms and viruses the water should be boiled for at least ten minutes.

Canopy is crucial for a comfortable sleep

If it is one of your first survival tours then it might be useful for you to carry a tarp or a tarp that can be stretched like a tarp. It can also be helpful if you familiarize yourself with building a shelter in the wilderness prior to your survival experiment.If possible, do not put your new dwelling near rivers, streams or lakes. There is usually a high humidity which will not necessarily be pleasant for you especially during sleep. Especially in winter you can cool the high humidity fairly quickly.

Making a fire quickly and easily

To keep you warm in cool nights boil water and prepare food with a fire is relentless. If necessary you can also kindle a fire with the so-called fire drilling. All you need is a knife and a string. When setting up a fireis especially careful to use very fine material such as dry grass or birch bark for firing. Once done you can resort to more and more flammable material. Always remember to extinguish the fire well before leaving your campsite.

Conclusion: A survival tour should be well planned

It is important that you know where you are going. In order to successfully master a planned survival tour, certain utensils are relentless. Those who spontaneously find themselves in a predicament in which survival in the wild plays a role can often make use of raw materials from nature.There are several reasons for participating in survival training. For example, it is the ideal way to disconnect from everyday stress and get a clear head. A few days without a mobile phone, internet and constant accessibility are just a luxury in this day and age.