If you are already familiar with nature, looking for food will be very difficult especially in autumn. However, sometimes it makes sense to carry some emergency food such as nuts or dried fruit during a survival tour. In addition, a few precautions should be taken especially at night to protect from the cold.In Central Europe, there are about 1,800 wild plants that can be consumed easily. A determination book often helps immensely. It is also advisable to attend a basic course before the survival tour or special survival training as you will get to know many local edible plants, fruits and roots there.


Filter and boil are the best option

The water from the wild can lead to diarrhea or vomiting. That’s why it’s especially important to know where to find clean water and what you can do to make the water drinkable. Clean water is found exclusively as fresh spring water. But even here it is useful to first filter the water to be able to exclude all eventualities.The easiest way to sterilize water is to boil it down. However, neither suspended matter nor chemicals are removed. In order to kill bacteria, multicellular organisms and viruses the water should be boiled for at least ten minutes.

Canopy is crucial for a comfortable sleep

If it is one of your first survival tours then it might be useful for you to carry a tarp or a tarp that can be stretched like a tarp. It can also be helpful if you familiarize yourself with building a shelter in the wilderness prior to your survival experiment.If possible, do not put your new dwelling near rivers, streams or lakes. There is usually a high humidity which will not necessarily be pleasant for you especially during sleep. Especially in winter you can cool the high humidity fairly quickly.

Making a fire quickly and easily

To keep you warm in cool nights boil water and prepare food with a fire is relentless. If necessary you can also kindle a fire with the so-called fire drilling. All you need is a knife and a string. When setting up a fireis especially careful to use very fine material such as dry grass or birch bark for firing. Once done you can resort to more and more flammable material. Always remember to extinguish the fire well before leaving your campsite.

Conclusion: A survival tour should be well planned

It is important that you know where you are going. In order to successfully master a planned survival tour, certain utensils are relentless. Those who spontaneously find themselves in a predicament in which survival in the wild plays a role can often make use of raw materials from nature.There are several reasons for participating in survival training. For example, it is the ideal way to disconnect from everyday stress and get a clear head. A few days without a mobile phone, internet and constant accessibility are just a luxury in this day and age.

Home Renovation

Repairing the roof in part or in full is not an easy task. There are some unique features to respect and the constraints with which you have to know how to juggle. If you redo the roof exactly, there is no authorisation to ask because there is, in the end, no visible modification. On the other hand, if you will change the appearance of your roof, you will need to get permissions depending on various geographical locations and local authority. The case is also tricky if you want to make a slate roof instead of tiles, or a zinc roof instead of stones. Some regions will refuse your choices.

Home Renovation

Your latest work goes back a short time

If you ever realise that your last job was done not long ago and that the roof cover did not hold up well, it’s time to ask yourself the right questions, so you do not lose more money. Maybe the problem comes from elsewhere? Is there a design flaw? Framing? To better answer your questions and find a solution, it is recommended that you hire a Toronto Roofing Contractor professional. It will look at the level of durability of the frame, what weight it can bear, what tiles you will need to use, what will be the slope of the roof, the efficiency of ventilation, etc. It is better than the next works are adapted to your needs and your possibilities.

What budget?

Some will be tempted to redo their roof themselves. But there are things to know before you start, there are risks to your safety and those of your home. Indeed, it is necessary to take into account the height of your roof which entails a risk of falling more or less important, the valuable know-how of a roofer, the climatic conditions during the works, the materials, etc. In the end, you will realise for yourself that the installation of a roof is a difficult job that it is better to entrust to a professional.

Conclusion:Complete or partial renovation

Rebuilding a framework can be a costly and cumbersome operation. The skeleton of a roof is complex, and it is necessary to know if your problem is localised or integral. In the first case, the work will be fast and inexpensive. In the second, you will have to invest more time and money. But if you rely on a qualified and reliable professional, the game will be worth the candle.It is the latter who will offer you a quote so that you can get an idea of ​​the price you will have to pay. It all depends on the surface of your roof, the type of intervention and roofing of the desired insulation, and the materials are chosen, etc. Remember that it is better to meet several artisans to get 3 to 5 quotes to compare at your head at home. This will give you an idea of ​​the average price of your work.


In Vienna, the use of an event agency has become a necessity for success. Whatever the type of event (animation, promotion, team building, etc.), failure is inconceivable, because the brand image of the company is at stake. However, it is not a question of choosing any provider. Finding the rare pearl is sometimes easier than you think. Here are tips to help you find the right eventagentur wien.

A company with experience

This is main criterion. It would be better to choose a company that has existed for several years, not a company that has just opened. Thus, you will be sure that it has a qualified and competent staff to carry out the work. An event is a great opportunity to win new partnerships, find new employees, increase brand awareness, and gain a share of the market. Therefore, everything must be irreproachable. That’s why you are not entitled to the error. The event agency Vienna that you will engage must know perfectly what you expect from it and must be able to accompany you during the realization of your project. Also, think about looking for a box with a good reputation.

eventagentur wien

A reasonable quote

Do you want to hire a professional? A quote is essential before starting work. This will allow you to define the cost to pay and the type of benefit. A true expert must be able to give you a rate quickly, without commitment. In any case, choose the agency that attracts your most attention, because know it, you will work together for a while.

Also, compare rates either by phone or online to get an approximation. This will allow you to find a qualified event agency at the best price. Some offer this quote for free, but for others it pays, so inquire.

A professional at your service

It is also an essential element when you choose. Look for a professional who will listen to you throughout the organization and who will advise you:

  • On the steps to follow
  • On the type of project in line with the criteria of the firm
  • And on the necessary expenses

And finally, it must help you better manage your budget, to exclude unnecessary expenses for the benefit of essential, without jeopardizing the success of the event. In short, he will be there to accompany you, advise you and fulfill your every wish.

To avoid problems, unplanned cash losses, and total disappointment in agencies that proudly call themselves venerators, expert recommend that you take into account the below tips on choosing.

  • The official website of the agency. It must be such and the information on it should not concern exclusively the services offered by the company. It is better if you manage to find informative articles about the event business, recommendations and short guides to organizing a holiday yourself on the website.


Reading the site, pay attention to the presence of a section “reviews” or “our customers” and information in them. A well-established agency will have positive feedback from satisfied customers.

  • Catalog of services and contractors. The list should not only be large enough, but include valuable information about each contractor, for example, his work experience, participation in competitions, awards, and photo / video materials.

Home Renovation

Most of the time we do not take them into account although, from the point of view of the durability of the building, there are important elements (let’s only think about the drainage of water on the walls). As a value they represent only a small part of the total cost of a roof, but as practical efficiency they are irreplaceable.In the following we want to answer the most common questions about choosing, purchasing and installing a pluvial system.

What are the criteria for choosing the pluvial system?

Effective takeover and evacuation is now of rainwater. When we talk about this criterion, we refer firstly to the dimensioning of evestroughs and troughs, as well as to the choice of the correct number of leaks. A wrong choice will create future problems, and the replacement and repair costs are higher than the initial investment. For the eavestrough repair Toronto you can have the best deals now.

System Durability

What material to choose, steel or plastic? It is very important for a pluvial system that the material from which it is produced is durable and resistant to corrosion. Our recommendation is the choice of steel (preferably the Swedish, painted or galvanized) as it suffers minimal thermal deformations compared to plastic (which deforms and fractures more easily).

Eavestrough Repair Toronto

Quality and price ratio

As we mentioned at the beginning, the evestroughing and drainage system is a very important element of the construction of a home and that is why we need to be very careful about what we choose. The Proverb “You’re expensive in the bran and you get into the flour” is very good in this case. Therefore, when we discuss the price, it must always be reported to the above criteria – efficiency and durability.

What is the right price?

As mentioned above, when we compare the different offers on the market, the price – quality ratio gives us the right price. To see how you choose, we give you an example.

Not many times we woke up with various people (hat or not) and offered to repair or replace galvanized troughs with new, better and more resistant ones. Up here all beautiful!

  • Now let’s make the price comparison (for simplicity, we will only consider the linear gauge meter).
  • The “gate” offer is, on average, 10 dollar / ml of sheet metal evestrough
  • Galvanized with a thickness between 0.20mm – 0.40mm and without any warranty on


  • On the other hand, if you call a specialized store, the price is 12
  • Theevestrough made of galvanized steel with a thickness of 0.50mm and a guarantee of 10years.

For a simple calculation, if you want to replace 10 ml of evestrough, the price for the “gate” option is 100 dollar and the one for a specialized store, 120 dollar. Considering that the system purchased through the specialized store has a guarantee, it is better quality, at an insignificant price difference (only 2 dollar / ml), we let you draw the conclusions.

Where do I buy?

Our recommendation is always to call a specialist shop representative of a manufacturer because it can offer you, in addition to expert advice, the guarantee of a quality product and, last but not least, professional fitting and work guarantee.


Have you dreamed about a car for a long time, but for a long time you couldn’t afford to buy it? You could not buy a new car and for a long time did not want to buy a used vehicle? Have you waited for your friend to decide to change his car and sell it to you? Congratulations on your purchase of a used car. We understand that the process of choosing and purchasing a used car was associated with many difficulties and with great excitement. But now everything is over, you own a car of which you dreamed. But before you start to use the car every day, you must take a few important steps so that your car does not upset you during its operation. We tell you to find out what you should do first of all after buying used cars for sale in Sidcup.

Used cars for sale in Sidcup

Ten things you should do after buying a used car

This is the first and obvious step. After all, even despite the fact that the car is already yours, you still cannot legally operate the car on the roads until you register it with the traffic police, and also until you acquire the   insurance policy. Remember that after signing the purchase contract for the vehicle you are obliged to arrive at the State Traffic Inspectorate within 10 days from the date of purchase of the car and re-register the car in the traffic police database, which stores information about all owners of vehicles.

In order to re-register the car in the traffic police you must purchase a policy. Of course, many of us after the acquisition may seem that this car can be operated with a policy, which was issued to the previous owner of the car. But then you have to remember that with such insurance you can drive only no more than ten days from the moment of signing the contract of sale. After this period, you must purchase your personal insurance policy in your name. Otherwise, you face administrative responsibility for driving without insurance.

Make a comprehensive diagnosis of all vehicle systems

In fact, you should have done this even before buying a car (before signing the contract of sale). But if you, for some reason have not done it yet, then before operating the car you should know its technical condition, and most importantly the level of safety of this car. To do this, conduct a full technical inspection of the state of the machine by contacting this request in the auto repair shop. Remember, you should have a complete picture of what you bought and what you should be prepared for in the future.